The Wuolukka Family

A Letter of Love

To Whom it May Concern: March 2009

I am a proud momma of three beautiful little boys (ages of three, five and seven), and a devoted wife to my husband of 14 years.

My husband and I are not able to have children of our own. We have tried and tried for 13 years. We spent many years yearning for children, so we knew instantly that adoption was our choice. The question was where to begin with agencies, and should we try a private adoption agency, or should we think about agencies that foster to adopt?

Our top concern was for us to be comfortable confiding in an agency. We knew we would have to share our personal life story and our deep longing to have a family. My husband is a very private person and would not confide in just anyone. So our search began.

We spoke with two different agencies and did not feel at ease. We felt that papers were thrown at us to fill out, and the expectation of a successful adoption may take a considerable amount of time. My husband and I thought we would take another chance and talk with our local KVC agency. We felt an instant warmth and compassion from our first appointment.

We chose to complete our training classes through KVC and went on to receive our foster-to-adopt license. Our experience was a roller coaster of emotions, but throughout our entire process we were able to “lay our burdens down” because of the support of our “TEAM” at KVC. I would love to say our “TEAM” at KVC is our family! Our KVC family shared their time, compassion, dedication, knowledge, expertise and genuine personalities.

Our Prayers, Our Faith, Our Patience were rewarded by the miracle of adoption through KVC on November 15, 2008.

Thank you KVC.  We love you!  God Bless you for your support!


Lavonda and Brandon Wuolukka

Wichita, Kansas

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KVC touches the lives of more than 25,000 children and families each day.

95 percent of KVC children who enter foster care and then return home will remain at home. The national average is 67 percent.

KVC touches the lives of more than 25,000 children and families each day.

95 percent of KVC children who enter foster care and then return home will remain at home. The national average is 67 percent.

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